Sunday, 23 September 2012

Art of the day

By S. EsapZai

S. EsapZai is an ethnic Pashtun female residing in Canada.
She is currently pursuing her Ph.D., focusing on gender and economic development of rural Pashtun women.
She is also an artist of sorts. Her love for art started at the tender age of four –
a natural talent that emanated without ever having taken any formal art classes.
Growing up, she was often dubbed as the “little artist” by her peers. Back then drawing and painting was merely a
However, art for her now is a part-time profession, where she hopes to raise more awareness about Pashtuns through her artwork.
Her passion for art can be summed up in the following quote:
"Creating art is like being in love. You and the work become one. You cannot pretend, nor fake it.
There are no rules or formula to follow. You can’t plan it, nor can you control it.
And you don’t formulate it in your head and make it so. It just simply is.” – Unknown

For more information about her artwork, visit her online portfolio
at the following website:
She also blogs at and tweets @Sesapzai
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