Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Malalai: Wounded Lioness! Wake up and Call

by Dr. M. Ashraf Adeel


Shining star

Of the valley of deep blue skies

Can you hear your mother’s cries?

Gurgling springs and lush green fields

Dancing harvests and golden yields

All are searching for your eyes

Shine the eternal truths on them

Rise up and meet these gems

Hands of destiny are your hands

History is your blackboard---write!

“Little girls and grown up women

More than equal are they all

To little men and oversize boys

Who walk the earth with wilderness in their souls

And never grow to see the truth.”


Wounded lioness

Hardly breathing

You have breathed life into matter

Deserts and hills have started trembling

Rivers have come to a thundering halt

Sky is making endless rounds

Breeze is en route to your home

Earth has turned into a wailing wall

You can never leave them all

Wounded lioness! Wake up and call

Cuckoos of swat and your doll!

Dr. M. Ashraf Adeel is a poet and Professor of Philosophy
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