Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Poems confessions of a terrorist & Children of a lesser God

Confessions of a terrorist.

Possessed by the devil,
I strode out to do evil,
With enmity written large on my face,
Somebody has to be clad in deaths embrace.
Just yesterday a child became an orphan,
And a couple were worried by the ransoms burden.
The fetters of depression behold the city,
Where everyday criminals like me enter captivity.
Karachi, Karachi of yore
Shall not surface, will not surface
Whilst I trigger my double barrel bore.
Zeenat Iqbal Hakimjee

Children of a lesser God.

Walking about in torn and tattered clothes,
Looking messy with a running nose.
Crippled, unable to walk properly,
The arrogant man, looks at him disdainfully.The other day the car almost ran her down,
As she leaped forward, begging for
an alm,
Hand outstretchetched, unable to see,
In the sun, wearing dark glasses,
Makes him look shady.
For a cheap rate, they are bought,
Are they, Children of a Lesser God?
Zeenat iqbal hakimjee

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